Luck Of The Draw?

We all come to this earth and walk various paths of life. Lucky folks find the path set for their life journeys to be rather normal and the tracks close to the ground.

Then there are others of us, who arrive on the planet and discover that Rand McNally and AAA colluded to play a joke on us to see how good we are at developing a sense of humor.

In these instances, our TripTiks begin a few miles off the beaten path. But some of us like a little adventure, eh? Oh sure, even on these ‘normal’ paths, there still are bumps in the road. No one gets through life  unscathed. We all encounter those dreaded slings and arrows that The Bard whinged about.

So, rather than getting eased into things by placing me on the kiddie coaster until I got acclimated to life, I split the womb—immediately got strapped into the front car of of the roller coaster—and begin what turned out to be a lifelong fun-fest of plunging downhill and whipping around hairpin turns. Wheeee!

The Cliff Notes

I’ll leave debating about whether such ‘interesting’ life events are predestined fates or simply artifacts of our cause-and-effect-decision making to the philosophy and religion majors.

All I know is that I seemed to make my way through life perpetually finding myself in situations where my life path was anything but ‘normal’.

A few years ago, a shocking and unexpected odyssey began. Because I had no idea it was coming, I didn’t handle it well. I fell to pieces, thereby providing ample fuel for the gossip mongers and holier-than-thou types.

But hey, someone’s gotta provide the entertainment for Life’s Party, right?

Exactly. But, ever the optimist, I believe there’s always a silver lining in every tragedy if we take the time to look closely enough to find it.

So, although I choked a bit on all the foamy water as I I was circling the drain, I’m glad to report that, by God’s grace, I ended up on the other side of the cataracts with my humor still very much intact.

Oh The Wonders Of Technology

Gotta love the video cameras on smart phones. Inserted below is a digital short that I’d say portrays my life’s journey.

  • Note: The video shows two hill climbs. The first part of the video represents my crazy life as it started from birth—a real thrill ride.
  • The 4:08 mark and thereafter represents what my life looked like in the past few years as I experienced my unexpected odyssey.
  • The camera views going through the last two dark tunnels are perfect depictions of me not-so-skillfully navigating my sudden and unanticipated ‘changes’.
  • But, as you hear at the end of the video, there’s that beautiful announcement: “You did it. You did it!”

Yep, despite my close encounter of the third kind with life-induced whiplash, I ended up leveled out—along with everyone else on Train One—back on the platform. 

I’ve ridden this rollercoster [The Beast, at Kings Island] hundreds of times in real life. I may be retired but I still think wooden coasters are, as they say, ‘the bomdiggity’.