I still can’t help but laugh whenever I hear one particular song by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It reminds me of a woman who worked in one of the offices I managed.

This woman had a well-deserved reputation for being a real … well… let’s just say that her primary mode of transportation to work was a broom.

Sadly, I ended up having to terminate her after she failed an overly generous performance improvement plan. But I digress …

Back to the set up of the story … She was on a power trip after having been promoted from line staff to a first time supervisor. The poor ladies who reported to her avoided her like the plague because she was always so overbearing and nasty all the time.

Bob & Weave

Her hair was very short and — who knows why [?] — she would don this [obviously fake] skinny straw-looking hairpiece that she wore in ringlets on the back of her head. The hair piece did not come close to resembling any kind of real hair—at least not any kind of human hair. Rather, it looked like some kind of dark twine curling bow used to wrap packages thinly disguised as hair.

When she became indignant during her diatribes [pretty much all the time], she would bob her head back and forth in a “oh-no-you-did-unt” kind of way. When she did, her ringlets would bounce up and down.

We all found it nigh near impossible to take this sickly-pale woman (wearing what looked to be a ball of twine pinned to the back of her head) seriously. We generally spent our time in the meetings biting our lips and looking away to fight the urge to break into uncontrollable laughter.

She would pontificate with those faux ringlets bouncing around, stretching out and recoiling like a slinky. I hate to be unkind she looked ridiculous.

As I have openly admitted to all, I have this comedic imp that jumps on my shoulder at the most inopportune times. Well, my imp worked overtime in meetings whenever she was in attendance. Try as I did to be serious, when she was wearing that hairpiece, I heard Stevie Ray playing throughout the entire meeting.

Say On Brother

Take a listen, as Stevie Ray Vaughn sings what we were all thinking but never had the heart to say. LOL


Gimme back my wig … honey let your head go bald
Gimme back that wig … honey let your head go bald
You really have no business … honey buying no wig at all

Songwriters: Theodore R Taylor
Give Me Back My Wig lyrics ©Alligator Records/Eyeball Music