Sometimes It’s What You Don’t Know

Ignorance is bliss isn’t it? Well, I suppose it depends on who’s asking the question and who’s responding—and whether that question involves my ex.

I say that because right up until the time my husband disappeared, I honestly believed that I was living a rather charmed life.

Dear Hubs and I both had good jobs, plenty of interests to keep us busy, and all the trappings of an upper middle class suburbia.

I was still very much in love with my ex [I’ll call him Blue Eyes for this post] so little else mattered.

Although I had the same daily toils as the next person, love-wise, I existed in my very own version of Shagrila …. my Camelot  … okay: my soon-to-be-nightmare.

Silly me! I had no clue as to what was lurking right there beside me, waiting to attack in the coming weeks.

Ford And The Not Much Better Idea

I had two grown sons and they both needed different vehicles. So a few months before D-Day, I had a bright idea. [You already know something’s coming don’t you?]

The first part of my bright idea was that Blue Eyes and I would both buy or lease new vehicles. We’d worked hard for years, we could afford them, so why drive cars that were paid off?

My thought process was that instead of using our cars as trade-ins, we would hand our older cars down to the boys. Blue Eyes would give his Mitsubishi to my youngest son, and I would give my Ford to my oldest son. Seemed logical at the time.

I also thought that we should also lease a small car for the grandson that we’d been raising since birth.

We already had funds set aside for his college tuition, but he was still going to need a car to get back and forth to class.

In a few months he’d soon be heading off to study biomedical engineering at a university in our town—one known for football and for emphasizing the word: ‘THE’ before pronouncing the rest of university name.

‘Step Into My Web’ Said The Spider To The Fly

My dearest Blue Eyes … Bless his heart … Heavy sigh.

I purposely say ‘bless his heart’ with the a slow southern drawl, because I in no way mean it to be a compliment. I say ‘bless his heart’ because my sweet cheeks never let on that anything was amiss.

Never in the entire process did he say or do anything that would tip his hand as to what he had cooked up and had in store for me.

So, just weeks before his upcoming disappearing act, there we sat—side by side, just like any other married couple—signing on the dotted line for two (2!) new fully loaded Hondas. Two for ourselves and a small Civic for the grandson going off to college.

Queue The Spooky Music

Little did I know that Blue Eyes (sitting on my blind side over there) had already been surreptitiously setting up his own individual accounts with other banks.

He’d also been  incrementally siphoning money out of our joint accounts so they would appear as bill payments, buying and then hiding gold in a suitcase under the bed, and liquidating assets.

A busy little beaver.

I also was unaware that he’d applied for a passport. So far neither of had needed needed one—we’d never traveled outside the country. I also was unaware that he was only weeks away from hopping a plane and jetting off to start a new life with his old girlfriend from high school.

Booby Traps And All

Yes, the love of my life said nothing. Instead, he quietly let me walk right up and place my foot in a noose knowing that six weeks later he was going to trigger the trip wire.

The day we signed the papers, he knew he was leaving the country. He knew he’d sashay off, saddling me with three new obligations that I would struggle to pay after he absconded with his part of the monthly income—and our hard earned savings/our grandson’s tuition money.

But then again, he was such a swell guy.

“Honey, please move a little to the right … Now step forward onto the ‘X’ painted on the floor … Perfect!’ … Well, ta ta …. Kisses, kisses … Gotta run.”