“Laughter rises out of tragedy and rewards you for your courage.’~ Erma Bombeck

The Brain Is Like A Hard Disk In Many Ways

If you’ve ever had a hard disk infected with malware, you know that sometimes a harsh cleaning process is necessary to remediate the problem. That is, if you wish to keep the drive.

You also know that process of cleaning and series of reboots can result in fragmented and corrupt files.

My mind was such a hard drive. My operating system was found to have a fatal error. That error was that I truly believed I had been married to a human being for 29 years. When suddenly the operating system malfunctioned and everything in my life crashed around me, I discovered the ugly truth. I had never been married to a human. Rather, I’d been living with an alien life form that somehow managed to maintain an artificial body temp of 98.6. Who knew?!

I still can recall the vagaries of the day he left, but I’m glad to say that most of the seriously painful memories have been overwritten with other data—fragments from another file—yielding a rather strange digital permanent sticky of sorts.

It’s a bit bizarre, but I find it an interesting and humorous phenomenon nonetheless.

Today, whenever my mind makes a database call for anything related to the a memory of Casper my ghosting ex, files from a scene in a movie in my Netflix folder gets retrieved instead. Don’t ask me why.

All I know us that something scrambled those two files and now my darling is forever etched in my memory banks as Forest Gump, not Casper The Unholy Runaway Ghost. LOL

File Associations Run Amok

I suppose if I think like a machine in digital logic, I can see how my mental processes might have made this file association/connection.

You see, like Forrest Gump, my runaway ex also appeared dazed and confused. Also like Forrest Gump, my ex looked as if he had no idea what he was running from, or what he was running to.

Bless his heart, my Little Runaway looked, well … simple. Poor Pumpkin was panicked and in frenetic motion. And just like Forrest Gump, he looked as if all he knew was that he needed to run.

How long and how far [?] one might ask. I suppose the answer in his mind was ‘as far as I have to’ and/or ‘until’.

Well, Bless His Heart Papaw Said

Many times I chuckle about this. Whenever my Dear Departed comes to my mind, I often audibly mutter the words: “Run Forest! Run!” and enjoy the nostalgic moment.