Give That Girl A Special Test

Corporate America seems to be enamored with personality assessments. Periodically, another one pops up, devised by another PhD with nothing to else to do—or so it seems.

The architects of these assessments tout that the their results predict a person’s future job performance. Perhaps—in some cases—but I do not believe these questionnaires are anywhere close to being an exact science. At least that’s my humble opinion.

Join The Movement (Monkey See Monkey Do)

Having said, I do have to admit that—like a lemming—I too, took the bait and availed myself to several entertaining assessments.

Depending on the brand, they were all a bit different.

  • On the ‘DISC’ brand of assessment, I scored as what they call ‘The Persuader’ behavior style—High I [Influence] and High D [Dominance].
  • On the Enneagram brand of assessment, my Tri-Type showed me to be what they call ‘The Mover & Shaker’.
  • On the ‘Meyers Brigg’s’ assessment. I came out as what they call ESFJ.

My experience is that answering these nebulous questions with any sort of confidence is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you’re like me, you find yourself answering, “Well, it depends.” It depends on the circumstances and variables.

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

You say tomato. I say to-mahhhh-to. So, does it matter? If so, when? At work? In a love relationship? At home?

I find the subject of personality testing to be interesting—in a parlor game sort of way—just as I find the subjects of Tea Leaf Reading ‘interesting’. The results of any of these (combined with three dollars) will get you a cup of coffee? So what?

It all comes down to opinions. We all know a few quips and humorous sayings about opinions. Insert your favorite.

Ego Tripping Out

My opinion is that I think that employers who administer personality tests—and the (ahem) ‘architects’ who develop them—are all on a very big ego trip.

At the end of the day, these tests are nothing more than yet one more way to manipulate people and, at the same time, make the persons administering/interpreting the tests feel as if they are some sort of Grand Pooh Bahs.

Nope. I say that they’re nothing more than an entertaining tool to justify pre-judging and bias. But then, that’s just my two cents.

I mean … what do I know? I’m just an ‘old school’ dinosaur. Yep, a prehistoric dinosaur who very successfully hired people for decades the old fashioned way.  [What?!] Yes, I hired people by talking with applicants over several interviews, checking their references, trusting my judgment, and over time, learning from mistakes.

But I guess that antiquated tools like judgment, decision making, and intuition must now take a back seat to the new kids in town: rubrics and ego.

Ego trippin’ out …