Heavy Sigh …

The media insults our intelligence sometimes. I say this because I just saw a ABC News video about why you should NOT wear gloves when grocery shopping. They cite ‘cross-contamination’ as the reason.

First, let me say that I went to nursing school. I took microbiology. I understand cross contamination, but this woman missed the boat entirely—in my opinion. Here’s what I mean by that.

The video shows a reporter demonstrating getting your gloves ‘dirty’ by touching things in the grocery store, then ‘cross-contaminating’ herself by doing such things as answering a cell phone call while in the store, pushing her eyeglasses back up, touching her face mask, etc.

Excuse me for stating the obvious here, but isn’t the solution to the cross-contamination issues (whether you’re wearing gloves or not) to simply NOT do any of those things? Can’t you wait until after grocery shopping to talk to Susie? Apparently this woman doesn’t think so.

Proper Precautions?

I guarantee you that even when the stores DO provide disinfectant wipes/paper towels for folks to clean the shopping carts, rarely does anyone wait the full 4 minutes for the disinfectant to fully kill whatever is there.

Most people I see grab the cart while it’s still wet, essentially putting any germs/viruses that may be present into solution (if not properly dried) and then placing their hands directly into that solution of contaminants.

Call me crazy, but if you’re worried about the dangers lurking at the grocery store, and you’re not going to stay home, it’s probably easier and more effective to just don a pair of gloves before going in.

That way, hey … you can step lively and go directly into the store … touch anything you want! … then make your way through the check-out line … pay for your items … exit the store … mosey on to your awaiting car … pop the trunk … load your groceries … and then peel your gloves off (the correct way) … all while remaining OUTSIDE your vehicle. Then toss ‘dirty’ gloves into a ‘dirty’ receptacle and take a Lysol wipe and disinfect things like your purse handles, car keys, exterior car door handle, etc. BEFORE re-entering your vehicle.


Let me stress that I am not trying to be antagonistic or polarizing in any way (and I’m certainly open for correction here), but did I fall asleep at the table and miss something?

If this is what the CDC thinks, then by making a recommendation that the general public NOT wear gloves, lets connect the dots …

By following such ‘expert’ advice, people are DEFINITELY going to be transferring any said ‘droplets’ that they picked up on their hands in the store directly into the interior of their cars upon their return. That is, unless everywhere they stop and shop has a hand wash station available at each exit, and they use it correctly, without fail. But then, there’s touching that nasty cart handle again …

My issue with the CDC’s ‘expert’ recommendation is this: Do they really think that people are disinfecting all surfaces inside their vehicles EACH time they go somewhere, and/or each time they have to make another stop? Because if not, they’re (by default) encouraging people to self-contaminate their our own auto interiors. Russian Roulette for the elderly or immunocompromised. Hmmmm …

Fear Vs. Prudence

I so appreciate my pastor’s recent sermon on fear vs prudence. I wholeheartedly agree that until we sort out all the hyperbole on both sides of this volatile subject, we must be prudent—hence why I comply with the mandate to wear a face mask per our state law and for my Christian testimony’s sake.

But, with that said, we CAN live still in the absence of fear, not paralyzed and petrified to see the light of day outside the four walls of our homes.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one can place their credit/debit card in a baggie after using it and wipe the credit card (and the exterior of the baggie) down with a Lysol wipe as part of the vehicle re-entry process as well if they’re worried about that.

And if you happen to be glove-averse, you can still go out of the house and go to the store. You can always wash your hands on the go by keeping a gallon of water, a pump bottle of hand soap, and paper towels in the back of your trunk as well. But you must remember to do this before getting back into your car.

It is my personal opinion that many directives we’re getting via the media (supposedly inspired by the direction of the CDC and others) are not all that sound or ‘expert’. Many reporters are strangling on a gnat in some areas and swallowing the whole camel in others.

YES, I think Covid-19 is real. Yes, I think we need to be prudent.

But I also think it’s equally dangerous to take everything that’s published online as being the gospel, especially when the information is flawed.

Let’s Meet At The Crossroads … 6 Feet Apart, That is …

To me, the bottom line comes down to this. Either the said virus particles and droplets are ubiquitous and they stay on surfaces for days, lurking to kill us—or they don’t. Each person must decide that for themselves and act appropriately.

With that said, if, as the CDC purports, these particles ARE everywhere and they DO stay on surfaces for days—and then a person doesn’t wear gloves/wash their hands immediately and then fails to do a total wipe down of their car interior between every stop, then aren’t (the so-called ‘experts’) encouraging people to play with a loaded gun?

Again, we all have to decide I suppose.

I like simple solutions, so I say why not err on the side of caution and just wear gloves and pitch them when you’re done? Seems logical. Seems easy.

The way I figure it, no matter which side of the debate you’re on, if you decide to wear gloves, you win. If you’re of the mindset that all of this has just been a massive hoax, then okay, you spent a few buck on gloves you didn’t need. If you’re of the mindset that it is (still) a horrible threat to humanity and the apocalypse is here, then you’ve bought yourself some peace of mind, not to mention saving yourself a ton of work by not having to clean your entire car interior multiple times a day in order to go out NS run errands SAFELY.

But then again, there’s the remote possibility that you’re one in a million and you’ve somehow managed to score a stockpile of 71% rubbing alcohol that not only kills all these nasty bugs but that is also what all the car detailers use to clean car interiors.

In that case, you win big time.

Apologies As I Exit Stage Left

Sorry for the long post y’all. I haven’t watched the news in a number of days, and this post pushed me over the brink.

I’ll end my diatribe by saying that I hope that none of these reporters or folks at The CDC ever switch jobs and decide to take up bedside nursing because nosocomial infections will go through the roof. All I know is that I personally never want to look up and see any of them as my care takers, because obviously they didn’t make the dean’s list—at least in Microbiology.

Okay, there, I said it. I’ll step down from my soapbox now.

This hereby concludes today’s broadcast from The National Nag Network. LOL

See? Y’all who know me well, know how hard it is for me to get through a whole post without injecting at least a tiny bit of humor somewhere, even on such a serious subject.